How to publish a WordPress plugin with DistributeWP

Uploading plugins on is considered annoying by many because the official plugin repository uses Subversion for version control.

I’ve been building and releasing plugins on for quite a few years now and It’s always been the most annoying step of every release. In the past I’ve tried a few different tools but none of them satisfied me, so I decided to build a little CLI tool to make the whole release process much easier.

Introducing DistributeWP CLI

DistributeWP is an open-source CLI tool that helps with the deployment of plugins on, you can also update plugins assets and/or just the readme.txt file.


  • Node.js
  • Preapproved plugin on
  • account
  • SVN installed on your computer


Open a new terminal window and run the following command:

npm install -g distributewp-cli


To setup DistributeWP, navigate to the folder of the plugin you wish to deploy with the tool via your terminal and then run the following command and answer the questions that appear.

distribute-wp init

Once you’ve answered the configuration questions, a config file will be created within your plugin’s folder. This file is used by DistributeWP for every deployment to understand what the tool needs to upload.

Releasing a new version of your plugin

Once you have configured the tool, to release a new version, run:

distribute-wp deploy

You’ll be asked your username and password.

DistributeWP will then start the upload of the folder you’ve previously specified and display a list of the tasks it’s perfoming and will notify you when deployment is complete.


I hope you find the tool useful. If you have any questions or simply want to contribute please do so on the tool’s repository here